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NorthClicks Review : Is NorthClicks a Scam or Legit?

Total Members : 68,635

Total Payouts : $31,864.23

Payment Options : Paypal, Payza,

Forum : Yes

Registration Info

Organization : Armchair Partners

State / Province : Essex

Country : United Kingdom

Email : info@clixsense.com

Server : GoDaddy.com

Registered Date : 2013-03-22

Expires Date : 2019-03-22

Rank & Rate

Alexa Global Rank : 488,236

Scam Analyze : Trust Rating 66%

Scam Adviser : Trust Rating 50%

NBR : Legit 4.1/5


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Audience Geography :

Total Sites Linking In : 184

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Reputation Detail :

Safe Browsing : Safe

HTTP Secure : Yes

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Script: EvolutionScript New Look , New Skin Same Admin just Revolution and Change New Look
-Unlimited Affiliate Program
-Low Minimum Withdrawal as $1.0 for upgraded members
-Cheap Advertise Ever
- Admin professional and well manage in PTC (Same Admin As GrandClicks,GrandMonopoly,Thebuxer and GobalActionCash, All site success and paying over years.
- David Macdonald ? same owner of GlobalactionCash
-2500 visitors Start at only $0.501000 visitors as low as only $0.17510000 Banner Impressions start at $1.251000 Banner Impressions as low as $0.11250k F. Ad, 10k Banner Imp., 5000 PTC Credits, F. Link 1 Month Just $2.00Advertise your websiteAdd your rotation plan instantly
Northclicks. The site has been online and paying for over a year
- minimum amount required for the first cash-out is $1.00 and this amount is increased to $2.00 for the second and all future payout requests. You are required to have a minimum of 100 clicks on the past 7 days, your account email must match the payment processor email and have a minimum of 400 total clicks over the lifetime of your account to use the withdrawal option

- Payment Processor Via Payza and Paypal

- Update 07/02/ 2018 Total member 65411 and paid out $30 931.96

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