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How to earn money with PTC (Paid to Click) sites? | PTC Tutorial

How to earn money with PTC (Paid to Click) sites?

Referrals: Is this Possible? Can we Earn Real money on ptc sites?
Me: Yes, it is Possible but you have to work harder.
Referrals: some people telling ptc are scam. Is that true?
Me: 3/4 of PTC sites are scam, but still we have paying and trusted PTC sites. 

So in this article I am going to show you short intro or summery of how to make money with PTC (paid to click) sites.

There are many way to make money on PTC sites. So let me introduce you those ways.

Way 1 : “View Advertisements or visit sponsors sites” 


You will find button like this on all PTC sites. When you visit view ads tab you can find all ads of the day. This way is so easy.

Ads will appear like this and you have to click ads one by one. you can't click two or three ads at the same time.

after you click the ad it will open a new tab to sponsor website, you have to wait for finish loading page.

after loading finish you have to select upside down picture and that's it. you have to do the same for all ads.

Way 2 : “PTCWALL (Paid to click wall)”

Nothing special to type. The same chocolate taste of way 1 “View Ads”. So I am skipping this.

Way 3 : PTSU (Paid to sign up)

In this way you have to do 3 or 4 steps more. PTC site will provide you some sponsors site. You have to visit there sponsors sites and register on that site and confirm your registration from your email. After that you have to provide your confirmation email and some sponsors ask for screenshots also, so if they you have to provide that also. After completing all you will get paid after they confirm you have provide the correct information.

4. Survey  

Surveying is a very difficult and hard way.  You have to finish survey to get paid. I have nothing to say about this at the moment because still I never survey bcz my country not allowed. So I am going to jumping to way 5.

5. Offer

This is little different way or very interesting way. In this section PTC sites are not alone they are offering offers by joining with some other companies.
Here the names of other offer companies.

·         Persona.ly
·         Trialpay
·         Radiumone
·         Matomy
·         SuperRewards
·         Tokenads
·         OfferToro
·         Adscend
·         Adgate
·         Kiwiwall
I told you guys this is a very interesting way. Do you know why is that interesting! Because you can EARN MONEY BY INSTALLING APPS ON YOUR MOBILE OR TAB AND PLAYING GAMES.

6.  Affiliates

This is an easiest way to make money on ptc sites. Making money without working. The thing you have to do is just referring to your friends, family and others. if they join here with your referrals link and making money with ptc sites you will get some % commissions. you get paid for your referrals work. if you think you can't refer to others, it's ok you can buy or rent referrals from your PTC Sites.

so guys this is the simple intro of “how to make money with ptc sites” I hope its useful. you all free to ask questions about emoney. add your comments and your feedback . Thank you.

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