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How to Remove Author About from Blogger Post Footer

How to Remove Author Details, Info or About from Blogger Post in Footer

I Search online and tried all methods but i couldn't fix this issue. so i tried to fix this on my way and at last i fixed this issue.

go to theme - edit HTML - Search "about" - and you will find this

<img alt='Author Image' class='avatar avatar-60 photo' expr:src='data:post.authorPhoto.url' height='150' width='140'/>
<b>About <data:post.author/></b>
 <span name='author-post'/>
<span name='author-social'/>

now you have to replace these with "Blank" 

change height and width to '0'

and remove or replace 'About'

after replacing, it should be like this

<img alt='Blank' class='Blank' expr:src='data:post.Blank.url' height='0' width='0'/>
<b>Post By Admin <data:post.Blank/></b>
 <span name='Blank-post'/>
<span name='Blank-social'/>

and Save the Theme that's it.

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